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Relationship Coaching in Ealing, West London

With Vitalis Coaching Karin Peeters

The way we relate to and communicate with others has an enormous impact on our well-being and this makes relationships a frequent subject during coaching sessions.

Does your relationship make you feel MAD, BAD or SAD?
Would you like to feel GLAD more often?
Might it be possible for you to feel HAPPY with your relationship?

Relationship Coaching supports you in all kinds of relationships. Including that relationship you might be looking for but just can't find. We can coach you through times of worry in existing or desired relationships, a divorce, separation or bereavement.

I am a personal and professional life coach, accredited with European Coaching Institute and Association for Coaching. I work in London and coach in English and Dutch. I'm a qualified Life Coaching practitioner (LCH Dip.), a certified NLP core skills practitioner and have an MA in Business. Currently I am a Trainee in Transpersonal Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Vitalis Coaching is a dedicated coaching company specialising in personal and professional growth, life transformation and happiness. We support you during a process of personal development in order to improve your overall quality of life.

Areas of Expertise:
Confidence Coaching
Relationship Help Coaching
Career Coaching
Stress Reduction

Our coaching sessions will bring you understanding, insight, balance, clarity, confidence, inner calm and success.

At Vitalis Coaching wed love to support you in understanding yourself and others better. Together well improve the way you relate with people and as a result of the coaching process youll also begin to experience a better relationship with yourself. You could well end up falling in love..... with yourself.

My beliefs:
At Vitalis Coaching we explore your unique story. Its your life and your interpretation of what is happening inside and around you. We invite you to be you. We love you to find your own values, your own truth, your true self, your own path in the life that you want to live. And we are here to accompany you on this journey. We go together, so you feel safe and protected along the way.

I am originally from The Netherlands, married with an Argentinian and I love theatre, nature, beach, reading and I cycle almost everywhere!

For more information and a chat
Phone: 075 1290 9479
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I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Name: Vitalis Coaching - Karin Peeters

Phone: 075 1290 9479 - 020 8840 3791



Country/Area: Ealing, West London