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Relationship Coaching in Harely Street London & Buckinghamshire

With Stephen Hedger

Relationship Coach - Stephen Hedger

Stephen Hedger has been a relationship coach for the past 10 years. Stephen helps couples and individuals from all walks of life with a vast range of simple and complex relationship problems.

Stephen has given relationship help and advice to judges, counselors, soldiers, housewives, business professionals from all over the world.

Stephen offers face-to-face sessions in Harley Street London W1 and in a Buckinghamshire NHS Surgery. He also offers full day sessions for couples wanting accelerated help anywhere in the UK.

Telephone coaching and emergency telephone help is also available for those who are challenged by either time, geography or situation.

Stephen offers help to individuals and couples wanting :-

Help with a relationship / marriage in crisis or experiencing persistent problems. From affairs to constant arguments, from fears of abandonment to jealousy.

How to reignite a tired relationship and move it to the next level

How to ensure you have a lasting and passionate relationship (great for pre-marriage couples)

How to deal with a relationship break-up (time to reinvent you)

Divorce support - How to decide if divorce is right for you, support through the process, and how to rebuild your life after a divorce.

Dating help and support

Self discovery sessions - to build strength and confidence in you.

How to know who is going to be the right partner for you and is going to support you to have the life you desire.

If you would like more information on any of these relationship sessions please call NOW on 0845 519 4808.

Name: Stephen Hedger

Phone: 0845 519 4808



Country/Area: Harely Street London & Buckinghamshire