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Relationship Coaching in Wilmslow, Cheshire & Gt. Manchester

With Sam Owen MBPsS BSc

Sam Owen is a relationship coach, psychologist, speaker and author of the fantastic book RELATIONSHIP REMEDIES: RELATING BETTER TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

Sam understands how personal and business relationships affect happiness, health and wealth, and she knows how to help people from all walks of life achieve the relationships that they desire.

You may have problems in your personal relationships that you are now intent on resolving, either because:

A) a breakdown in the relationship has occurred,

B) you have a desire to improve a relationship that has always been a struggle,

C) you feel that you have always struggled in most/all of your relationships,

D) you want to learn to love and accept yourself,

E) you want to find a wonderful partner or spouse.

You may have problems in your business relationships that you now must resolve, either because:

A) you notice you are losing customers,

B) you are struggling to attract new customers,

C) you need to improve your business� profit margins,

D) you want to improve your company�s brand,

E) you need help in managing your relationships with your workforce, suppliers and/or customers.

Personal relationship coaching can help you with your relationship with your spouse/partner, child, parent, sibling, friend, or your relationship with yourself.

Business relationship coaching can help you with your relationship with your employees, your business� customers, other company directors, or your relationship with your business itself.

Personal clients tend to meet Sam at her office in Wilmslow, Cheshire, for face-to-face coaching in person or utilise Skype video calling for face-to-face coaching from anywhere in the world.

Business clients will usually undertake coaching with Sam at their place of business.

Follow Sam on Twitter (@samowencoaching) and Facebook (/relationshipscoach) check out her official blog or sign up for her free monthly newsletter via her website.

To talk to Sam Owen about your questions or concerns, please contact her now on 07890 177 305 or 0161 285 9048. All enquiries and coaching sessions are strictly confidential.

Create successful, meaningful relationships with help from Sam Owen and live the life you�ve always dreamed of.

Name: Sam Owen MBPsS BSc

Phone: 07890177305



Country/Area: Wilmslow, Cheshire & Gt. Manchester