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Relationship Coaching in London/UK

With Cherry Campbell

Let's face it - if you want a relationship and what you're doing isn't working - whether you meet single people or find it a struggle - knowing how to meet a soulmate is more important than ever!

For far too long, I've observed all sorts of single people - those who have heaps of confidence as well as those who secretly have some self doubt - suffer, simply because they don't know how to attract relationships into their lives that are right for them.

As a Relationship Coach and Journey Therapist I will work with you to address your specific challenges about what's getting in the way of you meeting your ideal partner.

Meeting the right person doesn't have to be down to chance and that's where "The Art of Attracting your Ideal Partner" workshops come in. On this workshop you will be preparing yourself for dating or singles events so that you approach them in a new way and with a new outlook.

Wouldn't you like to know the secrets that will make you absolutely clear about what kind of person is right for you, the secrets of understanding how men and women operate differently and how to go about using the law of attraction to find your ideal partner?

Using one-to-one coaching, Journey Therapy or the "Art of Attraction" workshop - or a combination of all three, you will be guaranteed to deal with the issues that are pertinent to you, such as:

How to flirt and how NOT to flirt
Conversation starters
Confidence building
How to get the best out of singles events
Clearing emotions e.g. fear of rejection, past hurts so that they no longer get in your way

Cherry Campbell has worked in the field of Personal Development for over 20 years, with a background in Counselling, Coaching, NLP, Communication Skills and Stress Management.

Name: Cherry Campbell

Phone: 0788 679 1689



Country/Area: London/UK