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Relationship Coaching in UK, International, Harringey, London

With Candy Jannetta

I am an author and qualified relationship coach and am passionate about helping people who are struggling to meet their Mrs or Mr Right. I have an 80% success rate which means that I succeed in helping 80% of my clients to start a committed relationship or get married.

I have been a qualified life and business coach for over 9 years and had a really hard time being single until I met my husband 7 years ago. I made all the relationship mistakes and thought I would never meet anyone. The reason why I get such good results with my clients is because I can easily identify with all your relationship issues since I've been through them myself.

Have you ever wondered?

- Which relationship patterns and mistakes are stopping you from meeting the one.

- How to get over your past relationships.

- Why you keep attracting the wrong kind of men or women.

- How to boost your confidence and sex appeal.

- Why you are not attracted to the nice guys.

- Why you keep attracting men or women who just want to be friends.

- Why you are unable to fully commit.

- How your attitude could be putting potentials off.

- How to give off the right signals.

- How to write a compelling online profile.

- How to make sure he phones you back.

- How to make relationships work.

- How to get your current relationship back on track.

I can help you answer these questions and more.

I'll quickly assess where you have been going wrong in relationships and will create a specific program for you to meet your perfect match. If you are already in a relationship, I can also support you in maintaining and getting the most out of this relationship. My speciality is telling you the truth in a supportive and empathetic way and giving you practical advice to move you forward in your relationships.

Name: Candy Jannetta

Phone: 07813 743763



Country/Area: UK, International, Harringey, London