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Relationship Coaching in UK And Online

With Ash Rehn

Online Relationship Coaching

Ash Rehn is experienced in assisting both individuals and couples overcome relationship issues. He is not only a relationship coach but also a professional therapist whose counselling experience goes back over 20 years.

Ash specialises in relationship issues, dating, sexuality, sexual problems and mens issues as well as offering coaching and counselling for expats living abroad. He also works with 'sex addiction' and pornography 'addiction' using alternative approaches to the addiction model.

You can meet with Ash over Skype webcam, by telephone, via instant message chat or through exchanging emails. Online coaching is more convenient and can be more comfortable than meeting a practitioner in person. You can even keep up contact if you are travelling for business or holidays.

Coaching for Gay Couples and Straight Relationships

Whether you are alone or a couple, in or out of a relationship, relationship counselling over the internet offers a way to make the first step. Ash offers relationship coaching for both gay couples and straight relationships. He is a polyamory friendly coach and counsellor and takes a non-judgmental approach to his work.

Coaching for relationships can be about having a sounding board, recovering tools or skills for a better relationship or just not feeling alone. Ash regularly discusses concerns such as:
• Trust
• Honesty
• Monogamy / polyamory
• 'Cheating'
• Betrayal
• Love
• Loneliness
• Dating
• Performance anxiety
• Motivation
• Abandonment
• Jealousy
• Relationship crises
• Guilt
• Long-distance relationships
• Dealing with the pain of separation
• Relationship break-ups.

Professional Online Counselling, Coaching & Therapy


• Bachelor of Social Work degree (UQ 1995)
• Master of Arts degree (UTS 2009)
• Specialist training in psychotherapy
• Member UK Association of Solution Focussed Practice
• Member of the AASW
• Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
• Endorsed Health Care Professional ASCA (Adults Surviving Child Abuse)

Ash is a professional counsellor, coach and therapist and draws from many years of experience as well as professional training. As such he does not attempt to impose a method or technique on those who consult him but responds with his skills, knowledge and experience to each unique individual or relationship according to the particular circumstances that are presented. You will receive personal service from Ash and have the opportunity to build a working relationship with him that you can return to whenever required.

Ash works predominantly online and is available for consultation by webcam, instant message chat, email exchange and telephone from anywhere in the world.

Send an email now or take a look at Ash's website and make the next step in changing the future of your relationships.

Name: Ash Rehn

Phone: 020 8123 6677



Country/Area: UK And Online