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Relationship Coaching in Brighton

With Ariana Gee

Relationships are my passion and helping people to thrive after relationship breakdown is my goal! As an accredited marriage guidance counsellor with Relate I have experienced divorce myself, where the pain was so great that I could no longer offer counselling to others at that time.

Now as a life coach and co-author of the book ‘Be your own love coach’ (New Holland Publishing 2005), I bring my own experience to bear as I work with people in the aftermath of divorce or separation. If you are willing to recognize that the only person you can change is yourself and want to create powerful life strategies so that you can begin to live a full and joyful life, this is what I can offer you:

• A LIVELifeAfterDivorce™ Divorce Adjustment coaching session. This is a 50 minute session and includes the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale of 100 questions which will create an Adjustment Profile for you in the areas of: Self-worth, Detachment from former partner, Anger, Grief and Social trust. The coaching will explore where you might be stuck or struggling and you will begin to create specific strategies to get un-stuck and move forward confidently.

• The LIVELifeAfterDivorce™ Coaching Programme. The length of this programme is dependent on you and could take up to 3 months.

Do you feel ready to start dating again?
• The LOVELifeAfterDivorce™Coaching Programme offers an initial Relationship Readiness coaching session to help you assess how ready you are.

If you would like:
• A complimentary Divorce Coaching Needs Assessment which will help you determine how coaching can help you achieve your specific needs and relationship goals, then I'd be pleased to hear from you.

Name: Ariana Gee

Phone: 0845 257 2044



Country/Area: Brighton