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Relationship Coaching in Berkshire

With Transcend....With Katherine Dale

Whether at work or in your home life, relationships can sometimes become challenging. Like it or not, whatever we're doing relationships are invloved and when things go wrong our life can be turned upside down.

So how are your relationships? What do you think of yourself?

Often the relationship we have with ourselves is overlooked, yet if you think about it, if we don't have much regard for ourselves, what do we communicate to the world around us? We can often be our own worst enemies and so self critical that our self esteem plummets.

How about our relationships with other family members? This has to be one of the highest ranking issues.....interferring relatives who feel sure they know what you "should" & "ought" to be doing with your life!

What about children? Parenting is without doubt, a task and a half at times. Is it time you had some support to bring back some peace & harmony to your home?

What's your boss like? Are you feeling bullied at work or having to comprimise your principals for the sake of your income?

And last but by no means least there are our personal relationships. Sometimes friends and lovers turn out to not be the people we once thought they were. We feel betrayed, deceived and confused when those we thought were for us cause us pain and turmoil to the utmost degree.

For a FREE and informal chat just give Katherine a call. She comes highly recommended as a warm, understanding, intuitive and dynamic coach and has a vast amount of experience in her field.

It's time for you to Transcend...and realise your goals and to live a life you love!

Take that first step to the new you and get in touch now!

Name: Transcend....With Katherine Dale

Phone: 01628 630348



Country/Area: Berkshire