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So you’re looking for a relationship coach. Honestly, I believe we’re the best relationship coaching company. But then we would say that, wouldn’t we?! We’re certainly the UK’s biggest, but biggest doesn’t always mean best. So let me share with you why I know that we can help you resolve your relationship issue, in the quickest and most effective way.

The first thing is we’ve helped literally, yes, literally thousands of clients, just like you, resolve every possible relationship issue you can imagine. Obviously we don’t yet know exactly what relationship issue you’re facing, but our coaches have a combined 59 years of experience helping people with their personal relationships.

We have 5 active, dedicated relationship coaches within our company. Each one trained and certified by major national or international accredited coach training organisations. So you can be assured that whichever coach meets your needs and style the best, they’ll be coaching you to the highest standards. Not only that, but all our coaches comply with the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics.

To give you a head start, before you even talk to us, visit the online relationship advice section of our site. The answer to your issue might even be there! It’s a small insight into the help that we provide. Also, while you’re there, you can read some of the testimonials that we’ve posted.

Our head relationship coach, Michael Myerscough, is one of, if not THE top relationship coaches in the UK. He’s published pretty much every month in the big magazines (Psychologies, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, etc) and the newspapers (The Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, etc). He’s made regular TV appearances. He’s the Date Doctor for the world’s largest speed dating company. And when Sony Entertainment wanted a real life Date Doctor for the UK launch of their film 'Hitch', Michael is who they sought out. That’s the glamour side of it! But the reason Michael is so sought out by clients, journalists and media companies as a relationship expert, is down to 3 things. His background of 16 years dedicated to helping people with their relationships, combined with an amazing success rate at resolving client’s issues and his continuing dedication to learning from other relationship gurus. These 3 things combined make him one of the best in this fiel! d.

We also have one of the USA’s top relationship coaches working with us, and 3 other highly trained, expert relationship coaches in our company.

How can we help you?
Well, there’s the free information I’ve already mentioned on our site, or you could purchase one of our relationship books online. But I suspect you may well want more than that.

To get the coaching you need, you can book up a specially discounted, 1-off coaching session online at our site now. Or if you already know you want more help, then you can chat with one of our coaches to discuss exactly what your issues are and to find out how we can help you. Should you feel that we are the best coaches to help then you can book up with one of our coaches for monthly 1-1 coaching.

So visit our site, read the testimonials, read the free advice and if you want to shortlist us as one of your potential relationship coaches, then just email us via the contact form on the site. We’ll arrange a mutually convenient time to chat and identify specifically how we’ll help you. Once you’ve had that chat, you’ll be in the best place to make your decision as to who to choose.

In the meantime, we wish you the very best.

Mike Thomlinson

Name: The Relationship Gym Ltd

Phone: 0844 357 3425



Country/Area: UK/Worldwide