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Relationship Coaching in London

With Peta Heskell Aka The Flirt Coach

If you're reading this the chances are you are seeking to attract a meaningful relationship into your life.

It might be the intimate partner you know is waiting for you; or maybe you want to connect with a more empowering and fruitful social circle

Perhaps you need to evaluate your current relationship and decide what's next.

You might want a 'sorted friend' [which is what one client called me] to turn to for motivation, inspiration, advice and encouragement alongside good honest no flies feedback while you navigate your own relationship whether it's new or very long term.


Personal empowerment series - 3 session initial program
One to one telephone coaching
Long term mentoring - 6 months to a year
Relationship Attraction Telephone tele-seminars
Get Ready for Love Weekends
Confidence building and loosening up Weekends


I can help you

Make sense of your past relationship history and show you how to stop repeating past mistakes and start to do something that really works for you.

Discover what you really want behind what you think you want and then to help you get clear on what has to happen for that to manifest.

Create a manifesto for the kind of relationship and person you want to bring into your life and guide you through the dating maze.

I will also reflect your behavioural patterns back to you so that you can become very aware of what doesn't and does work for you

If you are in or going down the internet meeting [I don't call it dating] route, then I'll help you write a profile that reflects who you are and show you how to modify it to get different results.

There are many ways I can help you get clear on what it is that you want and manifest it in a way that's right for you.

Call or email me for a chat to see if we can create a magical coaching relationship.

Name: Peta Heskell - Aka The Flirt Coach

Phone: 0800 177 7271 or 02031665016



Country/Area: London