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Relationship Coaching in London Based, Tele Coaching In England And Wales

With Kirsten Gronning The Divorce Coach

Divorce support - when more than legal advice is needed.

The Divorce Coach has helped many separating and divorcing people manage their breakdown and their expectations over the past few years, enabling them to better engage with the legal process and saving time and expense.

Are you looking for support because:

1. You are stuck in a very unhappy marriage or facing serious relationship breakdown but don't know what to do or how to go about it?
2. Your spouse has recently left you and it's hard to see beyond the pain you are going through.
3. You want to get divorced or are being divorced and are intimidated by the details or you wish to take control and make your own decisions.
4. You know you have to get divorced, or you are being divorced, but you are put off doing anything about it by lawyers' fees, or you can't afford them.
5. You are facing court and need emotional and practical support as well as the legal support your lawyer is providing; or you are representing yourself in court and would like someone who knows what to do to support you in court.

Would you like to make sense of your marital breakdown and:

1. STAY FOCUSED during separation and divorce. Most people going through this simply do not know where to start, let alone how to stay focused when their lives are falling apart.
2. COPE with having to make major changes as the result of serious relationship breakdown e.g. in the areas of lifestyle, finance, family and social.
3. GIVE VENT to any frustrations, anger and sadness in a safe environment, away from your family.
4. SAVE - lower solicitor's fees in divorce because you are more prepared when you consult your lawyer. If you are in court as a litigant in person, we offer a McKenzie Friend service.
5. HELP your solicitor to reach a timely and reasonable settlement (and at least cost) by encouraging you to overcome some of the emotional hurdles encountered during divorce negotiations so that you move through the process with fewer disputes which increase legal fees.

The Divorce Coach promotes dispute resolution through talking and communicating but we also know that there are many people faced with divorce which can only be decided - often at huge financial and emotional cost - by the courts.

Support in Court Services

By offering support services to people preparing for a court appearance and using our protracted experience in the courts to help others be better prepared for the experience, a best possible outcome can be achieved, instead of going into court totally unprepared for the experience. If you or anyone you know is apprehensive about a forthcoming court appearance in a family case then contact us to discuss how we can help. This service is also for people representing themselves in court as a litigant in person who may need a supporter in court with them - such a person is called a "McKenzie Friend."

We have supported a range of cases, for example:

* through the collaborative law process;
* financial negotiations;
* as a McKenzie Friend;
* as a mentor to a litigant in person.

In July 2008 our services were featured in an article in Resolution's family lawyer's professional magazine "The Review" entitled Preparing Clients for Court.

Our services save our clients time, stress and money as they go through relationship and marital breakdown and divorce.

Who benefits and why?

Our clients are courageous people who need to take control and make their own decisions for themselves and their family, but who need some support to do so.

There are many advantages to using our services, both in order to obtain a best possible split if you are divorcing or in order to help yourself and your client if you are a lawyer.

Our services include:

* Telephone support from Ł50 for an initial consultation and from Ł157 per month for a programme which includes e-mail support.
* FREE monthly newsletter with tips, techniques, articles and advice.
* FREE eCourse Simple Steps to save serious Money in divorce
* Half-day workshops The One-Stop Divorce Workshop bringing together divorce professionals to clarify options available for a best possible result.

'The atmosphere was relaxed and supportive, it was good to meet the professionals and learn that there is support out there. Much better than trawling through the internet! Meeting the experts over lunch and having a 1:2:1 with the lawyer were invaluable. I would highly recommend this course.'

* Support in court services - help in preparing clients emotionally for court.
* McKenzie Friend support in court for litigants in person.
* Self-help Course 'How To Successfully Split' enables readers to develop the tools to re-shape their lives and move forward. Priced at Ł35 this innovative self-help book is sent in seven short parts over a fortnight and is designed to help the reader really think about the key issues in divorce and how to deal with them.
* Expert motivational speaker engagements. We have unique insights and observations into family breakdown which have shaped our divorce coaching and mentoring services. Expert media speaker engagements in 2008 include how it felt to be a litigant in person (on the Richard and Judy Show and with Lorraine Kelly on GMTV.)

How much does it cost and how do I find out more? To find out how our services could help, click on the link on the right to our website or contact us.

Name: Kirsten Gronning The Divorce Coach

Phone: 0208 123 9046



Country/Area: London Based, Tele-Coaching In England And Wales