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Relationship Coaching in Gloucestershire And By Telephone Any English Speakers

With Helen Harrison

Our commitment is to support and facilitate you finding the solution that works for you – this may include gaining insight into yourself and how to make the most of yourself. Do you want to enjoy your working and/or personal relationships so that both you and the other person/people feel good about how you relate and what comes from the relationship? Or do you want to change your relationship with something eg money? You can achieve any of these through working with us.

We find we do our best work with clients who are committed to work at what they want and be open to the challenge of new perspectives. It helps to have some humour and be prepared to consider feedback that they initially find hard to hear (but there is no requirement to agree with the feedback!)

When we first talk we start by covering some basics which include what you value, what your strengths are and whether we will enjoy working together. Assuming we want to work together, we will discuss what you want to gain from working with a coach. We will agree how this might be achieved and how you would know that you have got what you want.

My approach is informed by Gestalt, systemic issue analysis (organisational constellations), clean language and aspects of NLP, particularly around the use of language and Timeline coaching.

Name: Helen Harrison

Phone: +44 (0)1453-835263



Country/Area: Gloucestershire And By Telephone Any English Speakers