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Relationship Coaching in North West / National

With Dr Tara Few, The UK Sex Coach

I am a sex and relationship coach and I work with individuals and couples who know that sex is important to them but feel that something crucial is missing from their sex lives. Sexual expression is a reflection of who you are, as well as what you do, sexually and sex coaching enables you to address sexual confidence, communication and fulfilment concerns in a safe and confidential space.

Please take a look at my website and see how our work together can help you to:

· increase your sexual confidence
· communicate your sexual needs with clarity and compassion
· create more fulfilling and successful relationships
· calm your sexual anxieties
· learn how to be truly intimate with your partner
· discover your sexual potential
· enhance your sexual pleasure
· reduce performance anxieties
· overcome low sexual desire
· find the relationship you are looking for
· know and understand yourself through your sexuality

Sexual difficulties both reflect and impact upon the state of your relationship. Relationship coaching enables couples who have become stuck in an unproductive cycle of blame, resentment and frustration to reconnect with the intimacy, desire, passion and attraction, which first brought them together. Coaching will be empowering for you as an individual as well as for your relationship.

I offer telephone coaching nationally and face-to-face coaching (as an option) to people willing to travel to Manchester.

Sex coaching addresses concerns that go beyond the strictly sexual. Our coaching relationship will give you trust in yourself, self-acceptance, appreciation for you are and increased sexual happiness. The confidence and communication skills that you take with you far outlast the coaching relationship. You are no longer ruled by fear and choose now to face the world with courage and conviction.

I am gay-lesbian-bisexual friendly. In my work I fully support any form of consensual sexual activity between adults and will not seek to limit your sexual potential in any way.

Name: Dr Tara Few, The UK Sex Coach

Phone: N/A



Country/Area: North West / National