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Relationship Coaching in UK

With Annie O'Neill

New Horizons Divorce Coaching - Don't just GO through it, GROW through it.

Are you -
· Separated/divorced/widowed?
· Finding it difficult to adjust to being single again?
· Lacking Confidence and Self-Esteem?
· Experiencing Feelings of Anger/Rejection/Fear/Guilt?
· Ready to move on but not sure where to start?
· Going through a divorce and need support?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then I can help you.

As your Divorce Coach I will support you through your divorce, helping you to clarify your options and focus on getting the best outcome possible. Following your divorce I can help you to redesign your life.

I am a qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner specialising in working with people who are going through a divorce or who are divorced and ready to move on.

If you are going through a divorce I can offer support and advice through the divorce process. Working with a Divorce Coach will help you stay calm, rational and focussed through your divorce. I will work with you to help clarify what you want from the divorce. You need to be clear about your long-term objectives. Being aware of the things that, eighteen months or five years down the road are going to be important, will enable you to keep perspective and a sense of priority.

If you are divorced and ready to move on I can help you to build your confidence and self-esteem, identify and change beliefs and negative emotions that are holding you back, clarify what you want in your new life, set your goals and focus on taking the actions needed to achieve those goals.

Name: Annie O'Neill

Phone: 0118 958 5430



Country/Area: UK