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Relationship Coaching in Warwickshire

With Andrew Nicholson


Relationships are said to be the source of our greatest pleasure and our greatest pain.

Unfortunately the pleasure can be all too short-lived and the pain can go on and on. The main reason for this is that we are completely ignorant... Ignorant of our own needs, of our partner’s needs and of what constitutes a great relationship.

In today's complex and fast paced society we have high expectations, yet no great relationship role models or education to help us. The standard of help and relationship wisdom is reflected in the devastatingly high divorce rates (46%). The fact that we don’t learn by our mistakes is underlined by the fact that second and third marriages fail at even higher rates (65% and 75%).

The problems usually start for three reasons:

1. Patterns of relationship behaviour that we have learned whilst growing up
2. Emotional baggage from our previous relationships, or limiting beliefs about ourselves if we have been largely single
3. A poor selection strategy – ranging from desperation, to thinking we won’t find anyone better, to not knowing at all what we really want (or need) in a partner

Which of these scenarios have you played out?

As a result, we often ‘end up’ in relationships, rather than plan them and we start out grateful or flattered, not too objective. We generally put on a huge mask when dating as we put our best foot forward, frequently creating an illusion of who we are (who we’d like to be perceived as).

Unfortunately for most of us, the initial chemistry (often infatuation) quickly dies down. The chemistry and infatuation is in fact all too often between two masks, not the real authentic people. Once the masks start to slip, a completely new relationship, between two relative strangers, starts to emerge. Believe it or not, this can happen after a few days, weeks, months or even (quite often according to research) after 20 years or more (often after the kids have left).

Your Success in Love and Relationships is hugely dependant upon the relationship that you have with yourself. This in turn is dependant upon understanding yourself:

* What energy you are in – this is a major determinant of your success in attracting and sustaining an awesome relationship – it covers the energetics of fear v.s love and masculine vs. feminine.
* Your beliefs and the influence of your upbringing and conditioning by parents, society and role models, plus your interpretation of your experiences in life thus far
* Your habits and behaviours (largely influenced by your beliefs)
* Your needs and values
* Your emotions and emotional mastery
* Your communication skills
* The level of control and influence that you believe you have over the above

With an understanding of yourself and mastery of some of the issues that hold you back, you are then ready to master relationships with others. With a heightened self-awareness and authenticity, you can set out to attract someone who is similarly aware. When you both know yourselves and what you want – there is a much greater chance of success. If you are willing not to settle for second best, then we can help you to truly master yourself, work out the characteristics of your ultimate ideal partner and give you the tools and understanding of how to attract them.

If you would like to develop a successful approach to attracting and sustaining and amazing ultimate relationship, then I can help. I’ve done it for myself, I’ve helped others do it.

Who am I? How am I qualified?

I am Andrew Nicholson, I was divorced in 2005 (aged 40) and reached a point of complete frustration with my life and relationships. I had no clue what to do. Then I discovered ‘personal development’ which started to change my perspective on life. After attending a two hour talk on relationships, I simply had to know more, so I booked on a 4 day relationship retreat with two of the world’s leading coaches and relationship experts. I describe this as the most mind-blowing weekend of my life. I was so impressed that I decided to manifest a job working for them and I was then immersed in the most incredible self-development and relationship environment for 20 months.

During this time I worked with hundreds of singles and couples, seeing what worked and what did not. I also studied other top relationship experts and qualified as a Master Practitioner of NLP as well as

I have now much improved my own behaviour and beliefs (though it is always a work in progress). I have an in-depth knowledge of relationships and I have manifested by soul-mate, Diane, who I now live and work with. Diane is amazing Life Coach and inspirational speaker. Together with Diane, I offer relationship coaching and workshops for singles and couples. We also teach about and coach on The Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering. We show you how to manifest not only the ideal partner and ultimate intimate relationship but anything you desire from life.

We offer you:

* Relationship Coaching for Singles or Couples
* Life Coaching, Executive Coaching
* ‘Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway®’ licensed 2 day workshops based on Susan Jeffer’s best selling book
* ‘Cosmic Attraction’ 2 day workshops – learn how to harness the Law of Attraction in life and love
* ‘Success in Love and Relationships’ – 2 day workshops

See our web sites for mroe details. Andy & Di x

Name: Andrew Nicholson

Phone: 01926 613646 / 07970 293553



Country/Area: Warwickshire