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With Marianne Weidlein

My life is dedicated to activating extraordinary achievement... a high level fulfillment and contribution that is not merely an end result. Rather, it is an ever-improving state of being that is chosen and diligently cultivated through a consistent increase in specific knowledge and skill, and the adept self-management that fulfills bold intentions.

My clients are now, or want to be, exceptional people. They contact me because they are sabotaging their high level accomplishment, and don't know how to change. With my facilitation and guidance, they transform their limited states to constructive equivalents. This supports integrity, excellence and wisdom. Hence ingenuity and innovation flow, along with certain ennobling results, and creative freedom becomes a viable reality.

Power is the result of transforming confusion, fear and resistances into wisdom and ingenuity.


Mach III Manifestation Clear the destructive behaviors, self-limiting perceptions and thinking that create the fear, resistance and distractions that keep you from trusting yourself and believing in your ability to enjoy success and your life.

Learn how to manage your consciousness, regardless of circumstances, and maintain the high vibrational frequencies that produce higher level brain function and the conditions that assure your success.

Self-Mastery Mentoring Discover how to transform your negative and limiting states (perception, thinking, communication, decision-making, behavior, emotions, energy) into their positive equivalents. Learn how to manage your brain, so its function and output are of high quality, and you are able to achieve the best possible results. Hence you are able to manage in accordance with your ever-changing circumstances and the dynamics of our increasingly uncertain and stressed world.

You remain clear, intentional, and positive, even when things do not go as you wanted or expected. Through conscious self-management you know, with certainty, that you will skillfully be there for yourself, and your responsibilities and agreements, no matter what. With this certain trust, you endow yourself with integrity, inner security, confidence, composure, strength, wise stewardship, and a productive interdependence.

Peak Performance Training Transform your limiting perceptions and behaviors to their constructive equivalents. With increased capacity and effectiveness, you can maintain a positive focus, and effectively use and continually strengthen your brain so you continually achieve the best results. This supports integrity, excellence and wisdom. Ingenuity and innovation flow, along with certain ennobling results, and unlimited success become a viable reality.

Problem Resolution This easy, results-oriented process directs you to the genesis of your concern, helps you to evaluate the consequences and options for resolution, and to choose the best alternative. With this exceptional process, you achieve rapid clarity, release unsupportive assumptions and beliefs, and make the wisest choice.

From a one-hour session, you gain new and positive perspectives that you can apply to your specific concern, and your day-to-day activities.

For a complimentary, 30-minute session, email me at

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Clients say...

After years of stagnancy, with your help, my inner fog is lifting and I can finally let the sun shine through! I now feel so inspired that I'm coming up with great ideas. It's been a long time coming. I'm so grateful that I finally found you. Thanks for all your help. - C.E.

Our first session has already made a huge impact in my life. I can see that this will completely change my life in all the ways I've been dreaming of. What a glorious adventure! - R.S.

I feel sooooo relieved to finally see that most (if not all) of my feelings of guilt and distrust stem from ideas that were never even mine. The darkness is fading and now I can find MY truth, and with it, MY success. - C.L.

I admire your graceful way of "being" in full presence. What a valuable gift you are! Your clarity of communication gives me the certainty of knowing "what's up." My life has been made richer by your presence. As always, I welcome you whenever, wherever. Thank you beautiful one... - K.C.

About Marianne Weidlein

As an author, facilitator and mentor, I draw on my 40-year background in human potential development, spirituality, business and manifestation to help groups and individuals to achieve success. My expertise is self-mastery, manifestation and solo-preneurship. For over two decades, using my curriculums and techniques, I have facilitated innumerable programs of varying sizes and formats to thousands of people.

I hold a BSBA. My books are Empowering Vision For Dreamers, Visionaries & Other Entrepreneurs; warm liquid life and The Passage to Freedom, which provides the body of knowledge I have found assures self-mastery, fulfillment and success, and which I share in these Turn Up Your Light installments.

Name: Marianne Weidlein

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Country/Area: USA Resident; Clients Worldwide, By Phone Or Skype