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Performance Coaching in Newcastle, UK Resident; Clients Worldwide.

With David Thompson

bquest provides smaller companies and business units of larger companies with a permanent system of learning and development at work for key employees that directly increases business performance and profit.

bquest is unique because employees develop themselves and the company through a rolling programme of small, individually customised developmental work projects, supported 24/7 by experienced bquest coach consultants. Learning and development is customised to suit individual preferences, is carefully aligned with the company's context and goals, and is highly practical; the results are quick, relevant improvements to job performance.

bquest creates a permanent culture suitable to smaller businesses of self-managed problem-solving, agility, business innovation and development that ensures long-term success. The bquest culture has the added benefits of stimulating employee loyalty, internal motivation and the retention of high-calibre people.

Name: David Thompson

Phone: +44 (0) 7939 119410



Country/Area: Newcastle, UK Resident; Clients Worldwide.