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Performance Coaching in London, UK

With Audrey Powell

Are you worried about your job or career prospects?
Are you facing challenges in coping with work pressures and meeting targets and deadlines?
Were you made redundant and don�t know which way to turn?
Maybe you are at crossroads in your life and you are scared to take the next or even the first step.
Then again, maybe you are simply unhappy with your lot in life!

Make a decision to take action today to start the journey to realising your dreams? You can achieve success on your goals related to:

- Career and Progression
- Employment
- Redundancy
- Management
- Performance
- Motivation
- Self-confidence
- Work Relationships
- Meeting Deadlines
- Personal Development
- Work/Life Balance
- Life Coaching

Contact Audrey Powell today!

I am a career and personal development specialist. I want to show you how you can start creating the life you want. I want to give you the keys to unlock your potential and live your dream life now. I am a certified Life Coaching Practitioner with fifteen years management experience.

FREE introductory telephone coaching consultation - 20 minutes duration. I want you to be confident that we are the right fit for you This taster will give you a feel for how coaching will work on your goals. You will begin to understand how coaching works and how you will benefit from coaching.

Please look out for our discounts on single sessions and coaching investment packages.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and I do hope you will take this opportunity to test drive a coaching session.

Take action today! This could be your first step to the career and life you want.

Name: Audrey Powell

Phone: 07930485422



Country/Area: London, UK