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Performance Coaching in London (Face To Face); Worldwide (Telephone)

With Michelle Cheng Transform Your Work And Life

Would you like to perform at your best and achieve what you want in work and life?

Would you like to do what you love, excel in it and get massively rewarded for it?

Would you like to live a life full of inspirations and fulfillment?

If you are, you are in the right place. I help people to get clear vision about what they want in work and life and make their vision a reality. As a result of working with me, my clients enjoyed various benefits, such as: - being more successful at work and getting promoted
- increasing sales and profitability of their businesses
- effectively transitioning into new careers
- having better relationships with colleagues and family
- enjoying a better work/life balance

You may wonder how. Through a series of face to face meetings and telephone conversation, we would create a reflective space where you regain and deepen connection with yourself, explore the situations and issues with objectivity, and generate options and solutions that best suit you. I would also challenge limiting assumptions and motivate you to set and accomplish challenging goals.

Because of my past experience as a banker and management consultant, I relate to the commercial challenges and organisational dynamics in business. I also know what it is like to switch career and build and run a business.

I have a coaching qualification from Coaching Development, an MEng from Oxford University and an MBA from Wharton (ranked number one by FT Global MBA Survey), and am an NLP Practitioner. Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, I have lived and worked in 9 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia and have clients worldwide.

Winning bronze medals in South East Asian Games and ASEAN Judo Championship, undertaking gruesome training in competitive sports and being team captains greatly enhances my ability to motivate people and facilitate them to achieve peak performance.

What my clients said

"I found Michelle's coaching valuable and thought-provoking. As a result of the coaching, I have greater awareness of the issues and realise the different approaches available to me. She is able to give me constructive and impartial feedback that I don't get from people closer to me. She also helps me to prioritise and recognise what is important to me. She is open, genuine and trustworthy. If you are looking to develop yourself personally and in business, Michelle is a great partner and I strongly recommend her coaching." - CEO

"Michelle coached me on various subjects over a period of 3 months during which she showed great sensitivity and respect for everything I brought to the table. She is a great listener and thanks to her own inner stillness and calm, created a safe space in which I could verbalise and explore my thoughts. By inspiring me into action and holding me accountable for the things I committed to doing, she helped me move forward on many things that I had seemed unachievable before our sessions." - Manager, Media Company

"I selected Michelle on the basis of her insight, her freshness, and her natural ability to combine the analytical and the intuitive, and my work with her more than exceeded my expectations. Her challenge and support during this period were instrumental in maximising my learning from the transition and ultimately in accelerating my success in meaningful new roles. Michelle works holistically while remaining relentlessly focussed on getting to the essence of an issue and moving towards solutions. She is both bold and gentle. If you are ready to make a difference in your life and work and looking for a coach who is committed to helping you do this, speak to Michelle." - Consultant

"Michelle helped me on several occasions to revise assumptions and beliefs that were unhelpful. She asks deceptively simple questions which lead to powerful insights that enabled me to take action. Michelle is empathetic, sensitive and extremely client-focused." - Business development executive

"Brilliance Coaching was excellent in helping me to summarise where I am in my carreer and providing a valuable framework to help me formulate a course of action going forward. Michelle is an excellent listener and intervenes only where she can add value. I have no hesitation in recommending her services." - Banker

"The sessions were genuinely useful. Michelle established good rapport and trust quickly and displayed highly developed listening skills throughout her intervention. I found the process challenging yet supportive." - Management consultant

"I was coached by Michelle over a number of sessions. What I appreciated most about her was her courage to help me to explore areas that would produce good learnings for me, and her diligence and interest on my behalf. She struck me as a thoughtful person with a great deal of insight, qualities that I really appreciated in a coach." - Executive Coach

"Michelle has a disarming way of absolutely accepting what you say and quietly getting you to reach much more deeply into yourself. Her trust of me and mine of her enabled me to leap forward. Thank you." - Consultant

If you want to be at your best and fulfilled in work and life, please pick up the phone or email me for a complimentary consultation. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain...

Name: Michelle Cheng - Transform Your Work And Life

Phone: +44 20 7702 2101



Country/Area: London (Face To Face); Worldwide (Telephone)