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Performance Coaching in South East England

With Karen Purves Coaching

• Realise your dreams
• Work in your creative flow
• Live with joy, happiness and contentment

These are possible with abundance and happiness coaching from Karen Purves. Karen has not only studied positive psychology, laws of attraction and appreciative inquiry, she lives it.

Karen’s signature strengths are hope, optimism and future mindedness; spirituality, sense of purpose, and faith, gratitude; zest, enthusiasm, and energy; forgiveness and mercy. By living in these strengths, she creates environments where each client comes to live in their strengths.

It is while living in our strengths that we have access to our creativity, innovation and desire live our dream. This is only possible while living with our positive emotions. Karen helps clients to be able to let go of anger, hurt, fear and blame which limit life and performance.

This positive approach to coaching is suited to increasing your performance at work, at home and socially. In fact, when you start living your strengths your life is transformed.

Name: Karen Purves Coaching

Phone: 01737 735400



Country/Area: South East England