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Performance Coaching in England

With Gill Brookshaw

I believe in the power of you to achieve all you are and who you want to be.

What do I consider is my role as a coach?

- To be a great listener for my clients.; To display the skill of being fully attentive to my client to  support them in achieving their goals. Using global listening to bring into my awareness not just what they are saying, but also how they are saying it.

- To question my clients ; To use my intuition to allow questions to develop that take you forward, to be still of mind for you and 100% attentive to your coaching needs.

My questions should encourage you to take responsibility for your life by building your awareness and developing self-belief.

- Rapport ;Using empathy to show the deep listening I have being doing helps to bring rapport into the relationship.

= Move people forwards ; Working with you towards your goals, I move you as needed through your limiting beliefs and values, using the information you supply to help you align your goals with your values (often hidden) and this leads to improved motivation to take action.

- Time Management ; This is essential for myself and you my client. For me it ensures I keep my paperwork fully maintained, standards maintained to promote professionalism in coaching and enables me to be at my best for you .

Also time management of the actual session for both of our benefits.

Each of our time is important and needs to be valued and respected.

- Trust ; I have ability to build this at the speed suitable for you to show them that I am  trustworthy.

I ensure at all sessions and in all dealings with you  that confidentiality within coaching ethics standards is maintained to enable the professional relationship to develop.

- Honesty ; I am honest in my own skills and abilities when advertising, marketing and working as a coach. This will ensure I am meeting the highest standards and working with clients who are right for me.

I encourage honesty from you and develop this over a period of time.

- Respect ; for you and the coaching profession.

- Raising awareness ; of your potential to achieve their goals.

If you want to work towards your future then call me for further details

Name: Gill Brookshaw

Phone: 03302200112


Website: N/A

Country/Area: England