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Performance Coaching in East Anglia UK

With Garry Shayes (Coaching And Management Solutions)

Let me introduce you to a quote from William Jennings Bryan which I came across whilst studying for my Diploma in Life Coaching, - "Destiny is not a matter of chance; it's a matter of choice. It's not a thing to be waited for; it's a thing to be achieved." I have shared this statement with you because it has really inspired me to take responsibility for my own personal growth over recent years. I am by no means a stranger to change management, I have applied the methodology with passion over 30 years experience in health care, the majority of which has been in operational and strategic management; the last 10 years or so directing improvement programmes within and across the health and social care economy. I have even led an international modernisation initiative coordinated from Boston, USA.

What surprises me is how these words have had such an impact in transforming the way I plan my future as well as the value of the coaching model in transforming the lives of my clients. Contrary to my previous thoughts and the thoughts of the majority of my coaching clients, change doesn't usually just happen and is not something generally to be feared. It need not be driven entirely by others, or done to us, or even outside of our direct control. My belief is that change can and should in the main be welcomed, should challenge us to overcome our negative beliefs and achieve our full potential, should be accepted as a means to achieve the goals we aspire to, consistent with our individual values and within a timeframe that we determine.

During 2006, I achieved one of my long term goals, starting my own business - Coaching and Management Solutions. I now enjoy a very balanced and happy life and love working with a client base now extended beyond the NHS environment. My coaching helps my clients to:

- Understand the environment in which they wish to change
- Know exactly what they set out to achieve
- Plot progress towards their goals
- Develop the skills required for success
- Create the support required
- Have the confidence to take the first steps
- Overcome the barriers that stand in the way of rewards

...and as a result my clients have been rewarded with:

- Life balance
- Greater self confidence and motivation
- Recognition of improved work performance and productivity
- Career progression / new careers
- Success from hobbies and pastimes
- Weight loss and improved fitness
- Sporting achievement
- Effective time management

Of course, as James Baldwin suggests "Not everything that is faced can be changed...but nothing can be changed until it is faced." But "the key to happiness is having dreams; the key to success is making them come true" (James Allen) - Be happy, be successful, face the change, contact me now.

Name: Garry Shayes (Coaching And Management Solutions)

Phone: 07979 770365



Country/Area: East Anglia - UK