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Performance Coaching in London

With Change Coaching

Professional Executive and Career Coach

Speciality: Executive, Business Change and Career Coaching

Business Admin Dip.
Leadership and Management Qualification
Accredited Qualified Coach (Distinction) UK
Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

Specialising in:

· Executive Coaching
· Career promotion, development and transition Coaching
· Succession planning and talent development Coaching
· Business and organisational change Coaching
· Business Start-up Coaching
· Redundancy Coaching

Work Experience

With 20 years working in the IT Industry as a consultant, providing services into blue chip companies, software start-ups and SME’s. As a Director of two companies, I have been responsible for profit and loss, business strategy, hiring and developing consultants. I worked with main board directors providing advice and delivering cost effective programs to a broad range of international businesses. Increasingly I was asked by my clients to work in a coaching capacity at board level and it was a natural progression into full time Executive Coaching.

My Beliefs

· Everyone has the potential to achieve more and have what they want
· Know what you want and focus on the journey of accomplishment
· Work life balance enhances creativity and performance
· Awareness and clarity will help individuals make informed choices and decisions

Coaching will:

Provide an environment for exploration and reflection on business and personal issues. As your Coach I will act as an objective sounding board and catalyst to help you achieve your greatest potential, working at your pace and to your agenda, guiding you every step of the way to help you make lasting changes.

· Help Executives with clarity and focus, resulting in authentic leadership skills
· Promote a proactive style of management, rather than reactive
· Provide specialist coaching/mentoring knowledge, skills and abilities
· Increase motivation, commitment and responsibility
· Encourages more initiative, creativity, and accountability
· Promotes the development of new skills, less stress and enhanced performance.

I offer coaching programmes for business, one to one Executive and Career Coaching. Telephone coaching and email support.
Where existing development and training programmes are in place, I deliver Coaching initiatives to support learning and action.

For more information
Contact Karen Whelan 020 7483 3729

Name: Change Coaching

Phone: 0207 483 3729



Country/Area: London