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Performance Coaching in London, UK, Worldwide (Face To Face, 'phone Or Skype)

With Adie DeCoursey (Quiddity Solutions)

Do you want to make a change in your working life? Perhaps you’re unsure of your direction, or feel that you’ve gone as far as you want to in your current role. Perhaps you’re already at the top of an organisation, but don’t feel that you’re quite at the top of your game… Are you in need of a boost of motivation or confidence, or some help with adjusting your work/life balance?

My coaching style is to focus completely on you - to listen, observe and tailor our sessions to your own individual needs. I’ll draw solutions and strategies from you, confident in the belief that you are naturally creative and resourceful. You’ll explore principles and skills that might be new to you, and learn how to use them to enhance your existing talents, and break through any barriers that you’re facing. You’ll learn by experience, have lots of fun, and progress more quickly than you can imagine.

Something about me: I’m a former organisational director and have over twenty years’ business experience gained in the non-profit, public and commercial sectors. My passion is helping people to meet their personal and organisational objectives, and to exceed their own expectations. Please give me a call to discuss whether coaching might be right for you.

“Adie is always completely honest in his coaching. His refusal to ‘just accept’ has caused me to look deeper and find even more resources to bring value to my work.”
Paul Bellard, Quality Standards Consultant

"Compared to three months ago, I am unrecognisable. My figures have more than quadrupled; I have a new car, lots of bonus and a pay rise. Adie must take a lot of credit for that. With the excellent coaching, everything I have learned has become second nature. In addition, this has had knock-on benefits way beyond my professional life."
Pete Brownley, Senior Construction Consultant, The Works

“One of the most productive strategy events that I have attended which I think was reflected in the wealth of ideas that were generated. The format enabled everyone to be involved. Lets do more of this.” ‘Senior Manager’, Port of Tilbury (London) Ltd

“His track record is impressive.”
London Evening Standard


Name: Adie DeCoursey (Quiddity Solutions)

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7870 3654



Country/Area: London, UK, Worldwide (Face-To-Face, 'phone Or Skype)