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With Sam

I am very passionate about my role as a Coach. I believe that everyone have special talent in them. Is only when they have the capacity to bring that talent in action.

My role is to encourage and empower individuals to step up in their career streams as well as in their life.

I have been involved in coaching for the past 4 years. I have been coaching individuals, youths and businessmen / women in uplifting their life, career and businesses.

I am very positive individual myself and discover positiveness in others.

I have been working in corporate industry for the past 14 years in UK in a Managerial position.

I have teaching, Life skills and counselling skills.

One-to-one coaching - your skilled and experienced

Personal coach will guide you through every step of your Life/career changing process from the comfort of your home via phone and the Internet.

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working with your coach you’ll establish a clear personal

roadmap to future work using SSMART goals that are:

stretching, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

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