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With PG Coaching Ltd Piercarla Garusi

Our Mission is:

- To help You Unleash Your Power

free from emotional pain: depression, fear, anxiety, social anxiety, frustration, anger, overwhelm, guilt, discouragement, hopelessness, resentment, powerlessness, emptiness, procrastination, lack of control, lack of meaning, bad habits, loneliness, insecurity, feeling lost, victim, stuck, disconnected with self, disempowered free from the past, trauma, emotional abuse free from the limiting conditioning of the past free from your inner gremlin: low confidence, low self-esteem, low self-worth, low self-respect, treating yourself badly free from negative/limiting beliefs free to choose your response to events, people & situations free to choose your response to people- to bulling, manipulative, abusive, irrespectful, difficult, insecure, negative, challenging people free to keep your centre and your peace and be 'waterproof' whatever happens! free to feel good at every moment

-To help You Become Who You Are

free from the conditioning of your peers, family, society: free to choose your beliefs, your self-talk, how you treat yourself connect with your soul: discover the extraordinary totally unique person you truly are, your unique qualities, talents, needs, wants, likes connect with your centre: get clarity on your values, on what you stand for free to live from your centre free to be more and more you free to love yourself

-To help You Be Truly Happy

free from the conditioning of your peers, family, society: free to choose your beliefs, your self-talk, how you treat yourself feel good like yourself connect with your soul: know what makes you happy create your life from your heart- from your career, to your business, to your relationships, to everything love yourself dearly fill your common needs: connect more deeply with other people, find meaning and purpose, contribution enjoy and be grateful

Our specializations are Personal Power Coaching:

-Unleash Your Power Coaching
-Become Who You Are Coaching
-Happiness Coaching

Piercarla Garusi, Director of PG Coaching, is a Life Coach & NLP Practitioner. She studied the Certificate and Diploma in Life Coaching with Newcastle College, the NLP Practitioner Certificate with Paul McKenna training & UPW with Anthony Robbins. She has been passionate of Personal Development since more than 15 years. At the moment she is studying also Quantum Physics and Nutritional Therapy. She has a degree in Mathematics. She is also an amateur painter. Her corporate experiences include 3 years of voluntary work in an Ecumenical Charity in France, Taize', and a 2 years assignment at the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy, in Milan.


What people say about PG Coaching

'I can't thank Piercarla enough for her work with me, the results of which have been genuinely life-enriching and joyful, and which were achieved in a very short space of time. Through a combination of disarmingly simple conversations, questions and practical exercises she was quickly able help me open up a lot of resources in myself, solve long standing problems, and generate a truly enabling attitude to life. Her unbending optimism and refusal to give in to defeat even to the most obstructive hurdles, as well as her good humour and imagination, helped me realise a huge feeling of positive strength and a genuine and lasting sense of liberation.I thoroughtly recommend her approach for anyone looking to explore their life and their own potential. Thankyou again,'

Jason -London

'I found Piercarla at just the right time. For a number of years I had been wanting – and trying – to make changes in my life, with limited success. Working with her gave me the confidence in myself to explore my ideas, to challenge my limiting beliefs, and to make lasting changes. I truly feel much more powerful in my own life and better able to manage my emotions and mood. Piercarla’s enthusiasm, and her unfailing belief in my ability, inspired me to give myself the same gift.'


'I really want to thank Piercarla for changing my life. When I started coaching I was feeling guilty and responsible for everything. I was not able to enjoy my life, to plan my future because I was focused on helping people around me to have a better life… I was forgetting to live my own life. Piercarla has helped me realize that my life has to be my priority. … Week after week, what I thought impossible to achieve, has happened…I was falling in love with myself again! This is great…thank you Piercarla!!!'

M.- London

'I had heard of and read a lot about PMA (positive mental attitude) before meeting Piercarla. I'd even bought tapes and CDs on the subject. It all made reasonable sense and left me with a foundation of how I should be thinking but I never managed to put these skills into full affect. After my very first one hour session with Piercarla my life changed for the better more than ever before. From the outset Piercarla made me think about and understand why I wasn't getting the most out of my potential, rather than simply plastering over the cracks. We undid the negative thought patterns holding me back and set some new positive ones in place. I am now 10 times more comfortable with who I am as a person and I am now looking to the future with 10 times more excitement.'


'Thank you Piercarla for your amazing help over the last few weeks. I came to you with no idea at all of what my needs were even! And now, not only have I managed - with your help - to establish what these are but I have made positive changes and moves to make my life go in the right direction. Towards happiness and personal and professional fulfillment. You have taught me a lot in a short space of time. How to be kind to myself, how to recognise when I have my 'hair-shirt' on! And how to get it off, quickly....... I now have the confidence to move forwards with some new ideas under my belt into a FABULOUS future. Thank you so much for your support, your insight and not least your humour. In gratitude,'

Mo Osborne HEPACTION Counselling & Healing Services

'I have found Piercarla to be one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Thanks to her life changing ideas and wise coaching I am no longer stuck in a rut. She has helped me realize that there is an answer to every problem, an opportunity around every corner and a way and a means to getting whatever one wants out of life. For this I am eternally grateful. Kindest Regards'

Bernard Mc Adam- South Africa

'The thing I like most about coaching is that it is a process of waking up to one's own sense of power. Meeting Piercarla once a week has been like an injection of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy London... and gradually, as we worked through different aspects of living, I had to realise that I have responsibility not only over my actions but also over my feelings and motivations - which means that I have a choice. I'm learning to hold my own fire and not seek it in other people, in nice weather and all kinds of indulgences. That is real power to me.'

S. I.- Israel/London

'Dear Piercarla,

I write to thank you for acting as my life coach.

I had learnt to ride the bike pretty well I thought, and then as the terrain and rider changed I realized that I needed some help with training and techniques, with route-choice; and that I may have to upgrade my bike as well.

Working with you was like riding tandem for a while; more energy to turn those wheels; experience and skill at my shoulder to guide me along and through; and then the freedom of being able to ride by myself in the directions of my choice on a bike designed and built for those directions.

And how did this happen?

Your fundamental stance is that we have rich resources to build strategies to fulfil our visions.

You are honest, direct and supportive.

You are relentless and courteous in your insistence that I search for and find the right questions (What was actually happening? Was it the bike? Was it me? Was it the terrain and route chosen?)

You always invite me to interpret my preoccupations within a holistic vision of creative and positive development. Your insights and confidence about this are solid and unwavering.

You are unerring in your sense of what gets in the way of our awareness and growth; you share your determined de-cluttering with generosity.

You have an infectious sense of humour; a heart-warming laugh which brings fun into life coaching.

And, uniquely for me, you guided me towards one particular question about my stance towards my childhood which was quite literally liberating.

My own training as a life coach has benefited directly and tangibly from your experience, knowledge and skill. More importantly, so has my life.

All best wishes,'

Terry- UK

'I have been truly motivated to reach my goals! I now feel in control of my life and I am enjoying a real sense of freedom and enjoyment in my life. I could not have attained this without the coaching.'

Lorraine Meredith- South Africa

Name: PG Coaching Ltd-Piercarla Garusi

Phone: 02089950264



Country/Area: London, UK, Worldwide