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With Paulette Campbell

Many Coaches describe themselves as ‘life’ coaches, ‘performance’ coaches or ‘business’ coaches. I can’t make that distinction. I am a Personal & Professional Coach and I specialise in helping people reach personal and professional goals. (How can you split yourself into different compartments ? How many people are able to devote equal time and attention to their home and work lives ? How many people are so upset by what’s happening in their personal life, they are unable to excel at work ?)

The simple truth, insight and philosophy, running through my coaching practice is:

“People sometimes need support to enable them to recognise the resources they have available to reach their personal and professional goals,and face their fears.”

No more, no less ……… no outrageous language spurring you on to reach for the sky and achieve your dreams, take no prisoners and focus on only your happiness. (Who talks like that in real life anyway ?)

No, work with me and I’ll help you identify what you want to achieve personally and professionally and what you need to do to get there. There aren’t any pebbles and beaches on my website (, my blog( and twitter site (@WednesdayCoach) are clear, practical and honest and give a bit of an insight into me and how I work.

Name: Paulette Campbell

Phone: 0161 718 1349



Country/Area: Greater Manchester