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With Meaningful Change Weightloss Programme

This weight loss Initiative is part of a new coaching programme called Meaningful Change. It has been created and developed by Noble-Manhattan ( Established for over 11 years, Noble-Manhattan is the only Triple-A rated coach training company in the UK (accredited by the European Coaching Institute). Meaningful Change is sold under licence and independently owned.

Everyone trying to lose weight knows that all they need to do is eat less and exercise more in order to succeed. It sounds so simple doesn’t it? What’s been missing is the vital ingredient which lies at the heart of their potential success. Without it, the pounds will simply pile back on.

This vital missing ingredient is now being offered, courtesy of this 12 step, six month, Meaningful Change Weightloss Programme. It enables participants to examine their behaviour and attitude towards food, and to make a mental change in their relationship with it.

This transformation lies at the root of all sustainable weight loss. To lose weight you must be empowered to take control of your eating and exercise habits long term. Through a unique blend of life coaching and NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Meaningful Change facilitates an internal shift to make the weight loss permanent.

Anita Sibley

Name: Meaningful Change Weightloss Programme

Phone: 01590 681731


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Country/Area: UK Mainland - Nationwide