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With Jackie Fletcher Transitions Life Coaching

Would you like to:

* Know what your ideal retirement looks like?
* Learn about the 15 factors that contribute to a successful retirement?
* Create and live a satisfying life of meaning and purpose?

Why is this so important?

With the average age of retirement now 57 and with increased life expectancy meaning you are then likely to live at least another 30 years - planning and personal awareness are essential for a happy, fulfilled and satisfying retirement. The retirement success coaching programme helps you successfully navigate this new life experience and enables you to design and implement your personal retirement options plan.

How will you benefit from this programme?

The coaching programme will provide you with the resources, tools and techniques to:

* Explore your attitudes, expectations and beliefs as regards retirement and ageing with an objective, trained retirement coach
* Use this information to formulate a personal plan for creating a satisfying retirement
* Learn how to make a positive transition into this new stage of your life

How does retirement success coaching work?

This programme starts with an online questionnaire (the Retirement Success Profile, or RSP) followed by coaching sessions conducted on a one-to-one confidential basis, usually by telephone. The RSP identifies where you are now as well as what your expectations are about retirement. The coaching then focuses on where you want to be and how to get there, by clarifying the factors important to you personally as regards a successful retirement, identifying meaningful goals and helping you plan how to achieve them. Ongoing support is available too.

What does the programme provide?

* Access to the RSP online assessment
* A personalised, 20 page interpretive report and a copy of the book "The New Retirement - Discovering Your Dreams" by Dr Richard P Johnson
* Coaching sessions to review your report, then work on the success factors of importance to you
* Practical techniques and exercises to help you get the most from your retirement years
* Anticipation for a great retirement!

What do you do now?

Call me now for further information and to book your retirement success coaching programme, on 01425 472354 or email

Name: Jackie Fletcher - Transitions Life Coaching

Phone: 01425 472354



Country/Area: Ringwood In Hampshire (UK)