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With Diane Keen

As a professional woman you’re in complete charge of your own destiny. Well, most of the time anyway. Every now and again a challenge might present itself, a change in circumstances may force you to take check of where you are now and where you want to be, or life might just take over and you want to regain control.

Keen Coaching specialises in group coaching to support you in every step of your personal development from developing your ideas into reality, growing your business, achieving balance, managing unexpected change, career development and more.

One to One Coaching is also an option for those who can not attend group coaching, prefer one to one time or can not wait for the next group to start.

There are too many women not living life to their full potential, you probably know one or two. Be an inspiration to all of them and start aiming high.

Name: Diane Keen

Phone: 07872075564



Country/Area: Somerset, Dorset And Wiltshire