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With Christina Lattimer Of People Discovery

People Discovery is a Business Management consultancy offering

Coaching and Development
HR and Business Strategy and  HR Services
Organisational Development and Design

The Founder, Christina Lattimer has managed people for many years and led hugely successful teams. Whilst mostly in the public sector; she worked for short periods in the private and voluntary sectors. She has worked with people at all levels in various organisations to help them achieve their potential, and has been actively involved in the learning and development field in a number of different roles. In latter years her roles included: HR Strategist, and Business Partner within the Civil Service. She has a range of management and coaching qualifications, is a learning professional with a BA Hons in Education, and is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel Development.

“My life has been a journey of discovery, with many challenges and opportunities to help myself and others I have worked with learn what I now love to share. As with most people, I have had to deal with some very difficult situations which life has a habit of throwing in the way from time to time. I have always used these situations to learn and grow. As a result, I’ve spent a lifetime uncovering my own inner wisdom and power; stretching my own limiting beliefs and thinking   I have used these situations to learn strategies and techniques to help myself and the teams I’ve worked with to become more effective and achieve great outcomes.  As I have learned and grown, I have developed an inner confidence and peacefulness which is what I hope People Discovery will be able to imbibe in everyone we work with.

I have always had available to me my intuition, sometimes called, inner wisdom, or guidance.  People call their inner voice many things, but it all boils down to a wisdom that is greater than ourselves. Everyone has access to this inner wisdom. Sometimes I have used this inner wisdom and sometimes I have ignored it. I now know that following my inner wisdom at all times is the only route to permanent success and wellbeing.   This is what I wish for everyone I meet.

During my career, I have usually managed to follow my inner wisdom much more successfully than in my personal life! What I have come to know, is that the business world is crying out for its own inner wisdom. My passion is to help business leaders and teams to find this”

People Discovery can help Leaders, Teams and Organisations and Individuals

  • With insights and learned tools and techniques to help in overcoming the barriers to success of their business or personal life. To learn how to use difference and self awareness to use their unique strengths to succeed.
  • Find a way out of limiting thinking, thinking out of the box, stretching their imagination, and overcome limiting beliefs and self destructive thinking and emotions. Learning to replace these with positive ideas, thinking and effective strategies to create success.
  • To tap into their own inner wisdom, or intuition so that they are empowered to make decisions that honour them, their lives, and the people around them: Creating successful and thriving businesses or lives.
  • To develop a vision for their lives or business, with practical strategies and tools to help achieve their goals and outcomes, with clear definitions of success.
  • To let go when they need to with goals, outcomes and relationships which no longer serve them.
  • Helping organisations and people let go when they need to with goals, outcomes and relationships which no longer serve them.

Name: Christina Lattimer Of People Discovery

Phone: 07411765625



Country/Area: Newcastle Upon Tyne