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With Bavetta Coaching

Bavetta Coaching is made up of a collective group of the UK’s finest life coaches who have expert specialist knowledge in positive change transformation. Our coaches pride themselves in their skills, training and customer care. Head of Bavetta Coaching is Tom Bavetta, a professional Life and Executive Coach accredited as a Practitioner with European Coaching Institute. Bavetta Coaching is now delivering dynamic and innovative techniques that raise achievement and performance in all aspects of peoples lives.

Bavetta Coaching will work with anyone committed to the development of themselves or others and works with private individuals, groups and organisations. The client groups we have successfully worked with include:

  • Re-offenders
  • Youth – gifted and talented through to youth at risk
  • Job seekers
  • People suffering from mental health
  • Sufferers of low self-esteem/morale

Bavetta Coaching rests in reputation upon the achievements of its clients. Here is a list of just some of the outcomes during and after our coaching.

  • Highly confidant
  • Increase in self esteem
  • Understanding of limiting behaviour
  • Liberated from limiting beliefs
  • Happy
  • Knowing their Personal Super Strengths
  • Motivated
  • Responsible for their own actions
  • Responsive
  • Focused on their purpose
  • Independent

Name: Bavetta Coaching

Phone: 0845 0579 345



Country/Area: Hertfordshire, UK