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With The Pink Coach (Angie South)

Don't let your REAL life be the life you DON'T lead...

Pink Coaching is all about getting the very best from you as a lesbian gay bisexual or trans individual.

It respects and understands the challenges associated with being LGBT, both today and historically, whilst also appreciating and nurturing the unique and creative energy that the LGBT population inject into the mainstream of society.

It affirms and celebrates what it is to be lgbt today, and will motivate and inspire you to be the best you can be, on your own terms.

The ways in which it differs from a generic coaching service are as follows:

The coaching relationship is formed with someone that understands and shares your unique position as an lgbtq individual.

The coach respects your difference and sees it as a positive

The coach is in touch with the fact that your sexuality is an important part of your identity, but not your sole identity.

You don't have to experience the often stress inducing, hindering decision of whether or not to 'come out' to your coach.

The coach understands the issues and dilemmas life can present you with, as a gay, bisexual or trans individual, and has undergone training to this effect.

The coach is able to work from a more psychological and emotional perspective than usual, making the coaching a potentially richer experience.

Pink Coaching aims to help you to get the very best from your life, whilst acknowledging the existence of the obstacles society can place in your way, and providing a unique level of acceptance and responsiveness that it may take time to find elsewhere.

Feeling comfortable and accepted unconditionally will only increase the effectiveness of the coaching process, and will allow you to concentrate on you and what you want and need, not on what the coach may be thinking or feeling about your sexuality or gender.

Coaching is available face to face in Hampstead, or over the phone while you relax at home. Please call or go to to make contact for information around fees, to book an appointment, or just for an informal chat about whether coaching could be right for you.

Who are you NOT to be fabulous?

Name: The Pink Coach (Angie South)

Phone: 07828 905 384



Country/Area: Hampstead, London For 1:1 Work. International For Phone Work.