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With Wendy Oak

Why choose a Life Story Coach?

Writing your own unique Life Story is a powerful way to uncover the hidden parts of your life, and make sense of your journey up to the present time. it is also a gift to yourself; a celebration for all that you are and all that life has given you.The benefits are great.

My background as a professional Social Worker, Counsellor, Trainer and Writer has led me into becoming an accredited Life Coach. I now offer Lifestorying as a viable coaching option.

The therapeutic experience of my own written journey has opened the way to new and fulfilling paths of discovery. It has brought a sense of wholeness into my life, both as a celebration and a healing.

I look forward to offering you similar opportunities as your Life Story guide and facilitator.

To find out more please visit my web site.

Name: Wendy Oak

Phone: +44 [0] 1803 850249



Country/Area: Devon, England