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With Skyros

Skyros is the leading provider of holistic holidays in Greece, Thailand and Cuba - ‘The first and still the best’ according to The Guardian. A Skyros holiday offers participants a range of courses and activities that open the heart, expands the mind, recharge the body and uplift the spirit.

The Skyros Village Centre in Greece offers a two-week Life Coaching programme throughout the summer designed for those facing change or transition and is open to anyone ready for new beginnings in any aspect of their lives. There are those who may want to explore specific areas – perhaps desiring improved relationships, more fulfilling work or greater confidence to take a path involving risks. Others may simply want to take the opportunity to look at their lives with a fresh perspective.

The Life Coaching programme is facilitated by some of the top names in the field, including Skyros co-founder Dina Glouberman, author of the acclaimed ‘Life Choices, Life Changes’ and ‘The Joy of Burnout’.

The Skyros Village Centre, on the beautiful Greek island of Skyros, provides the ideal location to step back from the stresses of everyday life, reach new insights and generally experience a wonderful sense of liberation. Charming and unhurried, Skyros island offers participants a taste of the ‘real Greece’, the perfect setting in which to reconnect with oneself away from everyday life. The holidays provide an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, with many past participants having made life long friendships. As Tracey Jenning of Health and Fitness magazine said of her Skyros Holiday “I have never laughed so much or enjoyed such a range of emotions with such a great bunch of caring, supportive people."

Name: Skyros

Phone: 01983 865566



Country/Area: Skyros (Greece), Isle Of Wight (UK), Thailand And Cambdia