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With Sally Lever Downshifting, Sustainable Living, Sustainable Business

Sally specialises in working with those who are downshifting or otherwise moving towards a more sustainable way of living, working or running their own businesses.

Whilst many of her clients make an active decision to downshift, choosing a route of “voluntary simplicity”, some are “forcibly downshifted”, either through redundancy, stress-induced ill-health or other unforeseen circumstances. Those who make a conscious choice to live and work more sustainably are often (although not always) high achievers who have reached a point where they realise that personal success means much more to them than a materialistic, status driven lifestyle. Some then choose to start their own ethical, holistic business which becomes a vehicle for them to make a valuable and meaningful contribution to the world.

Sally coaches internationally by telephone or Skype with email coaching between coaching calls. She also offers workshops, teleclasses and short presentations on sustainable living, sustainable small business and “How to Step Off the Treadmill”. Her blog and monthly email newsletter “Fruitful” contain inspirational articles and tips for those who aspire to a simpler, more meaningful way of life and doing business.

Name: Sally Lever - Downshifting, Sustainable Living, Sustainable Business

Phone: 01749 674842



Country/Area: Somerset, UK.