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With Jen Waller

Working with Solo business owners for success:

Because your business and the rest of your life do not live in a vacuum!

Providing quality valuable support to solo-entrepreneurs who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want to increase their success.

My clients are individuals who want to create something new in their life. Maybe it’s more money; maybe it’s more fun and passion; maybe it’s more peace and security. Everyone knows what success means to them.

  • Are you doing it all on your own and it’s wearing you out?

  • Does it feel like you are a slave to your business?

  • Could you do with more hours in the day?

  • Do you make a start on what needs to be done – and then not follow through?

  • Have you got BIG dreams, but you’re afraid to go after them?

  • Do you feel empty because you haven’t any dreams?

  • Have you secretly got doubts about your own value? Are you terrified that someone will spot the truth as you feel a fraud?

  • Is working from home harder than you thought it would be?

  • Do you suffer from stress and feeling overwhelmed?

I provide a range of solutions that are designed to create differing levels of support. Imagine:

·        Experiencing more relaxation,

·        Discovering new passions and inspiration

·        What would taking more action get you? More clients, more money, more time with the family?

·        Finding you have a much more balanced life

·        Amazing yourself with just how capable you actually are

·        Becoming more comfortable in your own skin

·        Developing new skills and exiting projects

Jen specialises in empowering individuals, just like yourself, to take new skills and perspectives into a brighter future in tune with your real desires. Just as any plant grows quicker given the right conditions, Coaching with Jen assists you to identify and nurture the conditions to allow your confidence and self-belief grow along with your success.

“Jen has helped me to identify what I really want and I have now defined some clear goals. I have set some objectives along the way to achieving my goals and I'm already beginning to see results!” (Mike Gee)

The vast majority of our coaching happens via the telephone, which gives you flexibility, as you do not have to factor travelling time into your day. As an extra value all my individual clients have the option of a face-to-face monthly session, should they wish, either in Central London or in the South Manchester/Cheshire area.

Research suggests that on average we spend 777,600 minutes of your lifetime on the phone. Working with Coaching with Jen for 3 months is just 0.07% of that time – what other of your regular phone calls lead to quotes such as “after each session I felt so much better and ready to take on the world, with a toolkit of exercises to use as and when I needed.” (Sophie Wise)

Solutions offered covering a range of support and budgetary requirements. Invest in yourself, allowing you to start doing whatever it is that you thought your confidence and self-belief stopped you trying before. Visit for more details or contact

Name: Jen Waller

Phone: 01260 276908 or from outside the UK +44 1260 276908



Country/Area: Cheshire/UK/Worldwide