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With Jayne Cox Body Image Expert

I'm a body image expert working with Women in the UK and Worldwide. A professional motivational coach, NLP practitioner, certified hypnotherapist and eating disorder therapist, I provide something quite unique for women aged 35 plus. I'm absolutely passionate about supporting women through their pre and post mid life stages. It's a sad fact that many women get caught up with body image concerns, loss of self worth and confidence, weight worries, fashion fears and general anxiety about being 'good enough,' attractive and feminine. They may also become more aware of destructive eating habits, disordered behaviour and it's effects on life, work and their relationships. In private practice for over 12 years I'd love to hear how I can help you, now!

My clients are women just like you, business women, mum's, wives, partners and they choose to change now, with me, a body image expert. You can... Recover from Diet Addiction and stop dieting for life Experience professional Weight Loss Coaching and manage weight Allow yourself to gain weight to be fit and healthy Gain positive self image and body confidence Love your years - relax as you age and enjoy the ride! Change eating disordered behaviours

Fees £80-£85 per hour, including email support, packages available and I am fully insured.

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call: 01234 714697 - 07746 56493


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Name: Jayne Cox - Body Image Expert

Phone: 01234 714697 / 07746 564937



Country/Area: Nr Olney North Bucks, Also Nr Milton Keynes, Beds And Northants