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With Embrace Life – Isabelle Chatfield Weight Loss, Stress, Confidence And Career Coaching

Embrace Life - Isabelle Chatfield

Weight loss, Stress, Confidence and Career Coaching

London / UK

Embrace life and who you could be!

I am passionate about coaching and helping my clients improve their health, lose weight, decrease their stress, increase their confidence, find the right direction for their career.

Who is your coach?

My name is Isabelle Chatfield and I am a qualified Life Coach and Nutritional Advisor. I also have 8 years experience as a management consultant. Words that people have used to describe me include: infectious positive energy, genuine positive outlook, great listener, calm manner, openness, well structured, well organized.

Am I the right coach for you?

I believe that:

- You can take control of your life.

- I can help you clarify your goals, challenge your thoughts and assumptions and help you start moving towards your goals with certainty and confidence.

Coaching is an investment in your future. Through coaching you will develop a positive mental attitude and beliefs that work for you and improve your morale, self-esteem and confidence.

I usually coach over the phone in pre-arranged 45-50 minute-sessions. In the first one or two sessions we will look at the different areas of your life, where you are at, which areas you want to focus on and towards which goals in the short and longer term. Depending on your goals we will work on different exercises during the following sessions. These exercises encourage self-discovery, overcoming internal and external barriers, positive change and taking action. There will be work in between sessions and email and telephone support.


- Lifestyle, Health and Weight loss coaching: I help my clients adopt lifestyle changes based on healthy nutrition rules and exercise. My goal is that these changes become second nature and that my clients take control of their weight, their health, beat cravings, improve their confidence and self-esteem.

- Stress: I help my clients identify the real causes of their stress, creatively tackle them and learn how to manage stress. I also use mindfulness, relaxation and meditation to help clients cope with stress. For clients who have suffered from panic attacks, we work on beating the fear of further attacks mainly through NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) exercises.

- Confidence coaching: Clients who come to me for weight problems, stress or even career issues might have an underlying lack of confidence and self-esteem. We work on recognizing the signs of low confidence and self-esteem and the high and low confidence pattern, spotting the limiting beliefs, the negative language and internal voice and building confidence and self-belief through NLP exercises.

- Career Coaching: Whether your career is no longer in line with your life objectives or you are worried about your future at work or you have been made redundant or you are considering re-entering the job market after an extended absence, I can help you find the right direction for your career, develop a plan for how to get there, and help you gain the confidence to go for what you want.

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Name: Embrace Life – Isabelle Chatfield - Weight Loss, Stress, Confidence And Career Coaching

Phone: 07505 790 322



Country/Area: London / UK Wide