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Imagine being fit, healthy, confident and in control of your life. It may seem an impossible feat to you now, but Empowering Mums can help you achieve and enjoy a well-balanced, happy life.

Having a baby is often described as the most natural thing in the world. As well as excitement and wonderment, responsibilities of motherhood brings many uncertainties, inadequacies, sleepless nights, days without adult conversation and overwhelming feelings of isolation. Guilt and worrying about whether you’re up to the job is something mums encounter on a daily basis.

Empowering Mums was established to provide more than just a coping mechanism, but also to bring support and understanding to mums struggling to cope with the challenges they face within the high expectations and demands of the 21st Century, trying to balance careers, children, relationships and running a household to become what the 21st century terms a 'superwoman'.

Empowering Mums offers one-to-one personal coaching to inspire you to be the best woman and mum you can be by encouraging you to identify your true needs and ambitions that are aligned with your life values and empowering and enabling you to achieve your true potential.

Through a support programme tailored to suit your needs and adapted to fit in with your busy lifestyle, you will be coached to overcome your biggest issues and debilitating thoughts and feelings, find your own solutions and celebrate your successes. Empowering Mums will support and motivate you every step of the way to become a confident, balanced, fulfilled and happy mum who is in control of life and its direction, rekindling your sense of fun and energy for life.

Dependent on how you are most comfortable, you can be coached over the telephone or face to face. Most of my clients, covering a broad spectrum from professionals in the corporate world to stay at home mums, choose to work on a weekly basis and each session last approximately one hour.

Empowering Mums gladly offers an initial FREE thirty minute telephone consultation to ensure you feel comfortable being coached, that coaching meets your needs and are happy to work together. You will identify what you want to achieve, negative elements you would like to eliminate, things you would like to change and things you would like to add to ultimately help you achieve confidence, happiness and a well balanced life.

For further information regarding our free consultation, our various programmes and highly competitive fees, please E-mail or call today. In committing yourself to a period of personal coaching, you are making a valuable investment in the future quality and happiness of your life.

Tracey Wall, founder and Director of Empowering Mums, lives in Cheshire with her husband Michael and five-year old daughter Megan. Tracey graduated with Distinction in Personal Performance Coaching from the UK’s leading coach training organisation, The Coaching Academy. In addition to being a professionally trained and qualified Personal Coach, Tracey has over ten years experience of implementing coaching principles and practices to the corporate world with great success.

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