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As a business facilitator I work with professionals, team leaders, managers and executives to improve clarity of thinking and quality decision making. This is achieved using an interactive style and providing clear and direct feedback with the required sensitivity. I work with Momentum Consultants delivering training courses in: Assertiveness, Negotiation, Managing Performance, Presentation Skills and Giving & Receiving Feedback.

As a Life Coach and Collesco's principle consultant I offer a range of services including: one on one and group coaching; mentoring; NLP work and delivering a Coaching Clinic that enables organisations to install and maintain a "coaching culture".

The Coaching Clinic incorporates the proven concepts of coach training to provide outstanding education and coaching skill/competency development.

As a result the clinic:
* develops leadership
* facilitates breakthrough performance
* gives a competitive edge.
It assists managers to attract, retain, motivate and develop their staff.

Along side this I use self assessment tools like Extended Disc, Birkman and PCSI.

Name: Collesco

Phone: 07739 897835



Country/Area: UK/Hampshire