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With Beckie Whitehouse

Parenting is the toughest and yet most rewarding and important job we are ever likely to do. We are all involved whether as a mum, dad, relative or friend. Be Confident Coaching specialises in parent coaching.

We are passionate about helping parents improve their relationships by building their own, and their children’s, self confidence and self esteem.

Together we can help you
•Increase your positive outlook
•Boost your energy levels
•Find out who you are beyond Mum/Dad/Grandparent
•Work towards turning your dreams into goals
•Improve family relationships
•Deal with conflicts
•Reduce the yelling
•Support your children’s individual needs

Here is how others have gained with parent coaching.

‘Great energising sessions. My relationship with myself, my husband, friends and family greatly improved because of our sessions.’

‘Thanks for running the course. Stopping to think positively and remembering why you wanted the kids and how much you love them and what fun they are makes the silly little things that normally send you off the edge seem so silly.’

‘Made a positive difference to the lives of me and my family.’

Beckie trained with the Coaching Academy and has regular coaching sessions herself. She is motivated to help others become better parents and believes in sharing her knowledge and experience to help others improve their family life and reach their dreams. This lead her to start Be Confident Coaching

Beckie lives in Cambridgeshire with her husband and three children; she is a youth group leader and an active member of her local school community. She is always happy to discuss your needs and give you a free introductory coaching session.

We all have it in us to become the parent we want to be, if you want help doing this just talk to Beckie.
Tel 01223 845328

Name: Beckie Whitehouse

Phone: 01223 845328



Country/Area: Cambridge