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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in London

With NLP Coaching At U Transform.Co.Uk

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A friendly holistic NLP coaching company based in London dedicated to working with people who want a happy and successful life. We honour your values and welcome people from all cultures.

Why NLP coaching?….DO YOU?

□ have bad habits
□ often feel stressed
□ lack confidence
□ have low self esteem
□ have relationship issues
□ want to lose weight
□ want a career change
□ lack direction – no goals
□ suffer from anxiety or panic attacks
□ have no work / life balance
□ concerned about my retirement
□ want a more fulfilling life
□ have ante/post natal worries
□ want to explore my life purpose
□ want change but not sure how to get started

If you can identify with 1 or more of the above statements NLP coaching would be ideal for you.


Philippa, Teacher
“The whole experience has been quite strange really. It only seems like a few weeks ago that I wanted to curl up and hide. I am now ready to take on the world again, thank you.”

Martin, Business Consultant
“A steady step by step programme that really worked. I had goals in the past that I’d only ever dreamed of that are now achievable. My confidence is at an all time high, I’m flying!”

Nancy, Entrepreneur
“Three new contracts in just 4 months and I’m talking with my financiers about franchising my business model. I have to keep pinching myself.”

Paul, Property Developer
“Wish I’d found you years ago! No matter how many books I’d read or friends I’d talked to I still wasn’t moving forward. The U12 programme has given me the chance to realise what’s been holding me back.


□ Go from being driven to the driver
□ Understand more about yourself and how you work on the inside
□ Have a new approach that works
□ Have clear goals and better focus
□ Have more energy and feel happier in your self
□ You will think, act and feel differently – others will notice this about you
□ Know what you want and how to get it
□ A brighter and more positive outlook
□ Life will seem richer and fuller
□ Learn to trust your instincts


Jayne Micallef Managing Director, Founder of ‘’, Certified Coach & NLP Master Practitioner. “With so many great holistic therapies and wellbeing classes available I wanted to package NLP coaching as an alternative. Our programme does just that, it’s an extraordinary experience worth taking seriously. With a powerful approach that focuses on what’s happening on the inside, allowing you to connect with your ‘self’. The effects are astounding”.

Sessions are available by phone or face to face (subject to availability)We recommend 6 sessions over 12 weeks
Introductory / intake session £35
Coaching sessions £50

Are you ready?
Call Jayne on 07958 296647

Name: NLP Coaching At U-Transform.Co.Uk

Phone: 07958 296 647



Country/Area: London