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With The Inspiration Centre

Every single one of us has dreams and goals - we want to be healthier, richer, more successful. We want to have adventures, develop the perfect relationship, make a difference to the world, be famous.

For many of us those will remain just dreams.. apart from the few that decide to take action and pursue those goals. The people that decide that they will step up and make their dreams come true.

Often there are things that get in the way of your dreams it might be a lack of self confidence, a fear of the future. It could be a set of limiting beliefs that stop you. It might be issues with other people - family, partners, friends, colleagues. Perhaps you don't know how to start - what to do next. Maybe it's something from your past that just seems to be holding you back.

Maybe you want to give up smoking, or lose weight, or overcome some phobia that stops you enjoying life to the max.

And for others, it will be the knowledge that, having started out on the journey, they need someone to work with them, to continually lift the bar and help them live an even more fulfilling, more exciting life.

Tim believes that everyone has the resources inside to be truly successful and achieve every one of their goals and dreams. He is a Certified NLP Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and coach, with a passion for bringing out the absolute best in those he works with.

He works with individuals and organisations to challenge, coach and develop them either working one to one, or through training programmes using NLP & hypnotherapy techniques - and a good slice of practical experience.

He is a member of the British Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and an Associate Member of the European Coaching Institute. He has trained with a number of UK and America's top personal development experts, including Andy Harrington, Topher Morrison, Curly Martin, Tony Robbins & Roy Martin. He also works in partnership with experts across the country to create massive life change for his clients.

Tim lives in East Northants with his two sons. He is also a dedicated martial artist, with a second degree black belt in karate, and a passionate skier and snowboarder.

Contact Tim through or on 08456101460 (Local call rate)

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