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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in Columbia, South Carolina

With Steven Lyles, CI, CH, M. NLP

Benefits of Training and Life Coaching with Steven Lyles

Steven Lyles’ approach to training and coaching is based on his extensive studies of Neuro-linguistic Programming® (NLP), an emerging discipline of research and practice that is proven to improve people’s abilities to communicate and influence others. Steven’s NLP training and life coaching is designed as a powerful and unique enabler to help leaders, executives, salespeople and change agents to improve their results – at all levels of their organizations.

NLP Sales Training

Steven is a leading practitioner and master practitioner of NLP & DHE licensed exclusively by the Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming® directly from NLP founder Dr. Richard Bandler.

He trains leaders and business executives on how to use the principles of NLP to improve their sales results, strengthen their business relationships, enhance their personal communication skills, and manage their emotional states and overall outlook on life.

Chamber of Commerce Sales Retention Background

Steven Lyles has unique understanding of the business environment, having worked as a Chamber of Commerce leader for the past decade and lectured nationally on member-centric retention.

Personal Coaching, In House Workshops, Large Group Seminars

Steven Lyles provides powerful strategies for producing personal and professional achievement through a series of intensive NLP-based training workshops and courses. Steven Lyles works with clients by phone consultation, webinars and on site by appointment.

Benefits for the Individual:

■Increase motivation, manage your own emotional states and habits
■Learn to solve your personal problems
■Improve managerial and interpersonal skills
■Have better relationships with colleagues
■Learn how to identify and act on development needs
■Have greater confidence
■Become more effective, assertive in dealing with people
■Have a positive impact on performance
■Have greater self-awareness and gain new perspectives
■Acquire new skills and abilities
■Develop greater adaptability to change
■Improve work-life balance
■Reduce stress levels

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Name: Steven Lyles, CI, CH, M. NLP

Phone: (803)622-9844



Country/Area: Columbia, South Carolina