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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in West Yorkshire, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax, Wakefield

With SimplyCoach.Me Andy Lee & Stella Hutson

SimplyCoach.Me offer expert coaching and personal development to enable Clients to gain a greater degree of freedom, choice and power in their lives.

Our Clients choose to come to us because they are seeking much much more out of every aspect of their lives.

They choose us because of the caring sensitive way in which we listen understand and build powerful rapport and a powerful alliance dedicated to their own success and personal growth.

They change with us because of the unique range of strategies and approaches we are able to use with clients in order to:
• Let go of troubling emotions and limiting beliefs, which they find holding them back in their current lives.
• Get a clearer sense of who they are, what they stand for, what is important to them and how to align their lives with these values.
• Make well informed decisions which have a huge impact on the rest of their lives.
• Develop themselves in ways they did not think was possible. 
• Achieve excellence in sports and skills that are important to them.
• Improve their careers, businesses, passions and sporting performance.
• Improve their relationships.
• Improve their performance in their careers.
• Improve their businesses.
• Change direction and lead a fulfilling life.
• Achieve more
• Resolve Family and Relationship Issues.
• Free themselves from the expectations of others
• Plan their Careers.
• Transform their lives.
• Understand the nature of and achieve true happiness.
• Establish and maintain personal well being and balance in life.
• Re-invent themselves into a truer version of themselves.
• Gain unlimited confidence.
• Achieve personal excellence.
• Improve their creativity, health, fitness and overall well being
• And Much Much More
Our service is skilful, expert, effective, compassionate, flexible, passionate, confidential and successful. We trained with world leaders in personal change and development to bring you the best possible service we can. 

To get you the life you want we offer:
• A professional caring service focussed on you and your success.
• A free no obligation consultation
• Expert coaching to enable and support your development and transformation
• A range of programmes from one and a half hours through to Intensive One day Breakthrough Sessions
• A range of personal development seminars and longer training courses Are:

Andy Lee
Andy had a long and successful career in Special
Education - ultimately as headteacher of a Special School for pupils with Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. 
His certifications include 
• B.A. M.Ed (Leadership and Management)
• National Professional Qualification for Headship 
• Postgraduate Diploma and Advanced Diploma In Education 
• Diploma in Education Coaching
• NLP Diploma
• Certificate in Life Coaching
• Hypnotherapy Practitioner
• NLP Practitioner
• NLP Master Practitioner
• Certified Trainer of NLP 
Stella Hutson
Stella too had a long and successful carrer in Special Education
• B.Ed (Hons)
• Diploma Hypnotherapy
• Cert. Hypnotherapy (Stress Relief and Relaxation)
• Cert. EFT( Emotional Freedom Techniques)
• Timeline Therapy (TM) Practitioner
• Diploma NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
• NLP Practitioner - INLPTA 
• Accredited Member General Hypnotherapy Register
• CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) OCN 
• Accredited Hypno-Band Licensed Practitioner 

Our Fees start from £75 per hour if our own premises are used. 
Travelling is at £15 per hour
As each Programme is bespoke  and tanges from single sessions up to the Life Breakthrough Session which is an intensive programme and may include a whole day of intensive breakthrough work. This Costs £1200 

We believe we can offer you a service second to none. 
Why not have a look at our Website where you can learn more about who we are and what we can offer you. You will also find details of all our related personal development services available to you now. For our extensive range of personal development seminare and longer courses see

Remember we offer a free no obligation one hour consultation to makes sure that we are the right the people to work with to get you the life you want. This is totally free and without obligation and will demonstrate to you the areas and ways in which we can work with you. 

Initial consultations are usually informal and and can be at a mutually convenient location over a relaxing coffee.  

What is left stopping you? 

Simply get in touch now to change your life for the GOOD! 

Name: SimplyCoach.Me - Andy Lee & Stella Hutson

Phone: 07821553723



Country/Area: West Yorkshire, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax, Wakefield