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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in St Albans

With Shaun Phillips

Negative emotions, phobias and limiting beliefs all too often put the breaks on us accomplishing what we’d really like to achieve. With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP, a series of techniques first discovered in the 1970’s, practicised by Embrace Your Mind.
I can help people change their pattern of thoughts, beliefs and eliminate negative emotions, which they may have imposed upon themselves over the years, allowing them to go on to achieving their goals or objectives.

I used to wonder why nothing happened in my life and blamed my wife for the fact I never had a social life or any spare time to go out and improve myself (evenings were mostly me in front of a computer or playing a console game).

In February 2010 I decided to attend a NLP Practitioner course, after which I suddenly became very busy doing all the things I ever wanted to and improving myself on a daily basis as well as spending more quality time at home.

It then occurred to me that I could combine the NLP techniques I was using with individual clients with the skills and experience I had from being an IT professional for over 12 years. To provide a valuable proposition to small, medium and large business that either are having difficulties in achieving their goals or going through small or large changes and need to ensure their staff understood the benefits of the changes and what opportunities that could open up for them. Going through this process ensures the whole company is driving the changes through, resulting in significant time and cost savings and higher staff retention during and after changes.

By knowing more about the way minds work and learning techniques to enables us to make choices about how to behave, react and respond, both physically and emotionally, NLP is fast and effective therapy for a host of conditions.

Embrace Your Mind treat individuals with obvious conditions such as phobias, anxiety and depression, whilst also helping others to give up smoking, change their habits, and deal with emotions such as hurt, guilt, sadness, shyness or anger.

“When I came to Shaun the anxiety I had suffered with for 10 years was affecting my work and I was really concerned about losing my job. After one session with Shaun the problem was gone and I felt brilliant about myself and the future.” - Brian from St Albans

You can view a video testimonial from someone that removed ther nervousness here -

We also works with companies and organisations that are implementing change. Change in the workplace is a sign of the times, and whether that be technological or organisational, or both, the work of Embrace Your Mind helps the employees and the employer appreciate what the changes mean to them and how they will benefit so they can drive forward.

We always ensure that people are fully committed to making the changes they want, so when you work with us the changes will be permanent for as long as you want them to be.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Embrace Your Mind can help you, visit our website for more details, call us on 01727 789 060. Or register for a place on our Opportunity to Change workshop -

As well as running Embrace Your Mind I am also a trustee of the local St Albans charity – St Albans Operatic Society. I starred in their production of Jesus Christ Superstar last year and i'm now rehearsing for the next show Hot Mikado opening on 9 May.

Name: Shaun Phillips

Phone: 01727 789 060



Country/Area: St Albans