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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in Cheltenham, Cotswolds And West Midlands

With Samantha Field


There is new acceptance of the power of coaching now that people see the results that colleagues and friends achieve from working with an excellent coach. Create more choices, recognise and utilise mental strategies for achieving success, get right to the heart of what itís all about and then take a step beyond.


Samantha has 25 years of experience of using NLP in schools and adult education. Her own creative outlet is painting and much of her work is to do with helping people to free their own creativity, overcome blocks and the development of their own creative career. True to the principals of NLP she takes a very holistic approach. Starting with where the individual is now she then works towards getting a clear picture of what the person wants to achieve then ensures they have the self motivation and practical business sense to succeed.


NLP techniques enable you to overcome old strategies, beliefs and behaviours that simply don't serve you any more. NLP can help you to recognize and remove the blocks to overcoming habits you don't want, including personal issues such as losing weight, giving up smoking, getting rid of a phobia and anything else that is learned behaviour that you wish to change.


Samantha Field, alongside her husband and training partner John Field, also offers high-quality residential NLP training in the inspiring English countryside. If you are interested in NLP training check out the Field Learning website for a range of NLP courses.

Whether you're looking for a new direction, a confidence boost, career advancement, better relationships or simply greater personal happiness then Field Learning NLP training courses can help. We look forward to helping you make your NLP journey of self-discovery the best it can be.

Note that on a Field Learning NLP Training you will learn to coach and receive a great deal of coaching in an inspiring and supportive environment where you can really take time out for yourself. Taking the Field Learning NLP Diploma course can be one of the most cost-effective and enjoyable ways to get the coaching you need.

Please feel free to call for a free telephone consultation to ensure you get the best support for what you need.

Name: Samantha Field

Phone: 01386 725 679



Country/Area: Cheltenham, Cotswolds And West Midlands