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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in Kensington West London, Central London, Wimbledon, Wandsworth

With Nina Madden



My name is Nina Madden.
I work with smart and passionate people who want to change. The work we do together empowers you to take control of your situation, become free from fearful thinking and move forward in life.
I use a unique blend of NLP, Life Coaching, Intuitive Coaching, Conversational Change and Time Line Therapy that gets to the core of the issue very quickly. This is why my clients are able to feel happier, freer, and more able to enjoy life in just a few sessions.

I see clients from private practice in Kensington and Wimbledon. I also work nationally and internationally (thanks to Skype) and within charities as a coach, therapist and workshop facilitator. Occasionally I will do home visits and I provide telephone and email consultations and support. 

Email me on to find out more 

Areas of Speciality 

1. Fully Resolving Difficult Emotions

Are you going through a difficult time? Do you over react, lose your temper and hurt the ones you care about? Are you anxious, fearful and teary? 

Within just a few sessions you feel more relaxed, more open to life and you will be more fun to be around. You will feel good about yourself and look forward to the future with enthusiasm again. 
Examples of issues I frequently work with are stress, anxiety, worry, confusion, overwhelm, low self esteem, low self confidence, sexual problems, relationships and lack of motivation. 

2. Life Change - When You Want to Change (or find your) Direction 
Feeling like we are not doing what we want to do, feeling lost and confused and working under our capacity or being in the wrong job, or the wrong relationship can be soul destroying. It chips away at our confidence and self esteem and each day it gets worse. It can be hard to know what to do with life. In these sessions we will get to the core of who you are, what your unique gifts are and how you can bring these out into the world.
You will also receive systematic step by step support and personal guidance to make the changes you deserve.
Examples of issues I work with are changing career, changing life direction, not knowing what you want, not knowing what the next step is, feeling unfulfilled, lacking in purpose and direction, feeling overwhelmed.

To Make An Appointment 

To enquire about appointments and availability please contact me on We will have a chat on the phone about your specific situation, what you want to get out of coaching and how I can help. I will suggest options and the best way forward. 

You can also call directly on 07906 255 529 

Qualifications and Experience

- Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy -  The Performance Partnership, UK

- Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy -  The Performance Partnership, UK
- Diploma in Real Skills Hypnosis, Mental Combat, in South Africa. 

- Master Practitioner of NLP - Performance Partnership, UK
- Licensed to perform the Personal Breakthrough Session.

- Diploma in Personal Life Coaching, the Coaching Academy, original training body for Life Coaches in the UK (Distinction) 

- Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching. Mental Combat, South Africa.  

- Member of ANLP, ABNLP, ATLT SNLP. 

- Masters of Art from Sotheby's Institute of
- Masters of Art in Arts Criticism from City University. Thesis explored the fragmentation of language that occurs when articulating trauma and memory in the poetry of Paul Celan and sculptures of Columbian artist Doris Salcedo. 

- For many years Nina used her unique combination of skills to work with victims of domestic violence. She has helped countless women turn their lives around. 

"Nina is a brilliant therapist. She makes you realize what power you have inside you to make your life as you desire to be and tap into that power, not to make you dependent on her for sorting out your life. Having been in traditional therapy and counseling situations often in my life, this has been a radical break from previous therapies and has enabled me to simply move on. It has been incredibly liberating and I feel as if I have opened a new vista for my life which perhaps I have never dreamed of seeing, let alone actually living, which I feel I am doing. I heartily recommend her. She is worth every penny." Juliette B, London, 2010 

Name: Nina Madden

Phone: +44 (0) 7905 255 529



Country/Area: Kensington West London, Central London, Wimbledon, Wandsworth