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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in London & Surrey

With Caroline Bennett


I help people to live the life they want to live, to achieve more in personal and career settings, to improve their confidence and self belief, to cope effectively with the problems life throws at them and be happier and more fulfilled. I have a special interest in family problems and addictions.

Before becoming an NLP coach, I was a director of a successful marketing company, gaining considerable communication and persuasion skills, and an NHS worker with people with drug and alcohol problems. My long coaching experience has equipped me to help with almost any personal coaching challenge.

In addition to my life coaching work, I offer thorough confidential assessment, advice and ongoing support to people suffering from drug and alcohol problems, liaising with GPs and treatment units if required. However, I much prefer it when people contact me early - as soon as they feel they may have a problem, before it becomes a dependency - because then the treatment is far less unpleasant, and the outcomes are much better.

Name: Caroline Bennett

Phone: 07973 703295



Country/Area: London & Surrey